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Earth Changes, the Pyramids, Crop Circles, Planet X & the End of the Mayan Calendar -- Is There a Connection?

Recently I was asked why I wasn’t more vocal regarding the world’s injustices: war, famine, human rights, sexual abuse, same-sex marriage, the extinction of numerous animal species, animal rights, genetically modified foods, the deplorable state of health care and the pharmaceutical industry, our educational system, saving the rain forests, the ecological systems, etc. Well, if you know me, you know that I am vocal about these things.

But, oh my, so many worthwhile causes, and not nearly enough time in which to address them all!

For years I’ve studied the Bible in hopes of understanding why we are here, why we suffer and the point of being alive if the ultimate end is only death. When the answers seemed less than satisfying or forthcoming from even that quarter, I sought answers elsewhere.

Don’t get me wrong: I do believe that a Higher Creative Intelligence is responsible for all that we see and experience. I just don’t happen to believe that the Bible is the vehicle through which that Entity dispenses His/Her Wisdom.

It seems to me, however, that if that Entity were as involved with our daily affairs as the Bible and the different religious systems tell us he is, we would have been warned of the coming Earth Changes in a more straight-forward fashion than hellfire-and-damnation huckstering promulgated by those who would just as soon take our money and leave our Souls to burn in the everlasting pits of Hades.

Wouldn’t a loving parent who was concerned about his child’s welfare tell him face-to-face that something catastrophic was about to happen and what s/he needed to know and do to either divert the disaster or seek refuge in order to save his life and the lives of his family without resorting to bribery, tests and game playing? Would you do everything you could to warn your children? Of course you would! Most loving parents would do the same.

However, I digress.

The fact is, I have been concerned about all the above mentioned plights and many more as well, as have many of you. I’ve also wondered just what I could do to understand what is going on here on our planet, as well as what I could do to help others understand, and possibly take action to that end.

But where to start, what to say, and – most important of all – what to do?

What I’ve come to realize after all that I’ve learned thus far, is that there is one cause that supersedes even all those listed above: prevention of the extinction of the human species.

While this might seem extreme, current evidence strongly suggests that the possibility of the extinction of our species occurring in our lifetime is not only possible, but highly probable, and not just the rantings of a Biblical alarmist. Quite a bit of scientific proof has been proffered to back up the evidence for global warming, extreme weather, massive earthquakes and earth changes, famine/food shortages and the diseases that follow in their wake, and a pole shift. Could Nostradamus have been referring to Nibiru or Planet X when he spoke of the “King of Terror” that comes from the sky? Have the world’s governments known about the immediacy of the threat of a near-earth object code named Project Wormwood, and is it Planet X?

Gloomy stuff to be sure. But what if we truly are only years away from an event that will drastically alter life as we know it? Wouldn’t you want to know what to do to save yourself and your loved ones?

Prescient Warnings of Ancient Civilizations

The proof of the warning of an impending cataclysm during our time has been available to us for thousands of years. The Atlanteans, whose civilization was destroyed by the earth changes of approximately 10,500 – 8,500 years ago, took their knowledge with them to Egypt where they incorporated it into the teachings handed down to the Egyptian peoples, and thus to the rest of the world. I believe that the pyramids were the vehicle used by the Atlanteans cum Egyptians to warn us of what we can expect.

According to many ‘alternative’ Egyptologists, such as Graham Hancock, John Anthony West, Robert Bauval and others as well as Mayanologist John Major Jenkins, the year 2012 seems to figure prominently in the hieroglyphic writings found on the pyramid and temple walls and in many other writings of that time.

Additionally, the Mayan peoples, who were the greatest astronomers and mathematicians in recorded history, also pointed to the end of the Mayan calendar as being 2012.

Before either the Egyptians or the Mayans, however, the Sumerians spoke of Nibiru, the Planet of the Crossing, which has an elliptical orbit that brings it into a near-earth flyby every 3600 years, as translated by the Sumerian scholar, Zecharia Sitchin, and further elaborated on by Jason Martell and others. It is this planet, dubbed Planet X by modern astronomers, that has been known to create the very same conditions we are now seeing in the world today.

Even the Bible prophet, Jeremiah, prophesied the effects that ‘The Destroyer’ would have on the earth and its population during ‘the last days,’ as did other religious texts, as indicated on In Jeremiah 25:32 and 48:8 the prophet says regarding the effects of the Destroyer during the 'last days': "Disasters will soon spread from nation to nation. They will come like a powerful storm to all the faraway places on earth...The Destroyer will come against every town; not one town will escape..." Holy Bible, New Century Edition

Whether or not we are truly living in ‘the last days,’ as some Biblical scholars would have us believe, remains to be seen. Yet, again, we are currently experiencing conditions that exactly correlate to those described in the Sumerian cuneiform tablets.

And what of the modern day crop circles?

Though many believe that the crop circles are being created by hoaxsters, there is plenty of corroborating evidence pointing to a source other than terrestrial. Or, at least, to a source which is far more technologically advanced than even the world’s military and Secret Government is seemingly capable of attaining.

If this is so, then what are the creators of the circles attempting to convey?

My theory is that they are doing exactly what the Atlanteans, Sumerians, Egyptians, Mayans and other civilizations have tried to do in other ways: warn us of the return of the planet known as Nibiru and what to do to prevent the extinction of the human race.

So, please forgive me if I don’t feel that all the other current plights of mankind deserve as much of our attention during this time. The impending destruction of the majority of life on this planet has me a bit distracted.


Kat Starwolf

See also the video series: Planet X – Is it Really Out There? Is this what the Egyptians and Mayans were attempting to warn us about? Planet X Forecast and Survival Guide

Part 1 The Threat Run time: 8:25

Part 2 The Science Run Time: 9:35

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Are You Ready?

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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Chiron, Soul Perspectives and Sacred Contracts

“When I was younger,

so much younger than today

I never needed anybody’s help in any way.

But now those days are gone

And I’m not so self-assured

Now I find

I’ve changed my mind

I’ve opened up the doors.”

~ Help! Copyright © 1965 The Beatles

The Beatles had it right: When we’re young and full of rebellious piss and vinegar, we believe we have all the answers and don’t need to look for guidance from anything or anyone other than our own inner guru.

That it were that simple.

When I was younger – about twenty-eight years ago – because I hadn’t receive the help that I needed for several extremely traumatic events that occurred between the time I was twelve and eighteen, a short time later I chose to follow my own counsel and ended up changing the course of the lives of several people without stopping to think of the consequences of my actions. And even though I sincerely believed that I was doing the best thing I could possibly do for everyone involved, had I the guidance I so desperately needed at the time I required it, everyone’s life would have, no doubt, turned out much differently. We would have been quite a bit happier than we all seem to be at present.

Or would we?

Soul Perspectives

The fact is, short of an alternate dimension time machine, as far as we know, there’s really no way to tell if one course of action is preferable to another. All we can do from our limited human perspectives, is the best we can with what we have at hand. In this case, the limited knowledge and fore-vision that these frail human shells and this existence brings is all we have to work with.

For years I agonized over that course of action, beating myself up because of the decision I had made, and the relentless, ever-present memory of the effects those actions had on the innocent people I had hurt along the way. This, however, created even more problems. Instead of focusing on the NOW – my life at each present moment in time – I was locked into a backward, myopic view of a past that I could never change, the trail of broken hearts that lay behind me, a testament to the fear which I still could not relinquish long enough to see the truth of my own ignorance.

What a waste of precious time. What was done, was done. There truly was no going back.

Yet, still, I couldn’t seem to let go of my past, nor find the answers I so desperately needed in order to alleviate the emotional pain which had become such an intrinsic part of my life.

The Search

Everyone is different with respect to the way they interpret and deal with the past. Some can’t wait to shed theirs and never think about it again; others’ are indifferent; and still others’ can’t seem to let go. Unfortunately, because I have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and because my natal birth chart is so drenched in the 12th House, Neptunian influences of the Past, I have been one of the latter. Further, my Pluto in Leo in the 1st House and my Mercury in Virgo have caused me to be relentless in finding those answers: I needed to understand what had happened to me, why I was the way I was and had done the things I’d done to hurt so many innocent people regardless of the fact that I loved them so much. I didn’t hurt them, purposely, mind you, but the affect was the same as if I had.

Because of my ‘Christian’ upbringing, my first inclination was to explore religion in order to alleviate the pain and hopefully gain the understanding and respite I needed. However, although I believe in a Higher Intelligence, I finally realized that all religions are divisive and inevitably cause far too much dissension, not only between individuals, but amongst nations. Consequently, religion, too, created far more problems than it solved; therefore I was no farther along my road to self-healing than from that point from which I had begun.

It was during this truly dark night of the soul, that I began to investigate another avenue of potential promise: could astrology hold the answers I sought?

Understanding the Significance of my Natal Astrological Chart

The first time I saw my natal chart nearly 30 years ago, I Sensed PAIN. I couldn’t make heads nor tails of the glyphs and other symbols, but I sincerely felt such turbulent emotions when looking at all the planets jammed into the 12th House, that I strongly Sensed that there was something difficult about the various planetary placements. In fact, I remember that the first thing that came to my mind was the word: KARMA. And at this point I knew virtually nothing about astrology, and even less about reincarnation.

But what was the significance of it all?

Eventually I learned what that significance portended.

For instance, my choosing to be born with so many planets in the 12th House could mean at least one of three things (if not more), and possibly a combination thereof: 1) That I am, indeed, experiencing karmic retribution (12th House = the Past, karma) for some past-life misdeeds for which I need to learn or relearn those lessons in this life; 2) that I am choosing to learn these lessons now since I need to fulfill my ‘quota’ of experiences, and/or 3) that I have something of great import which needs to be accomplished in this life which requires that I experience these lessons so that I will be better able to accomplish whatever it is that I came here to do.

As for the ‘something of great import,’ this is indicated by the geometric planetary configuration involving several planets called a Yod or Finger of God, with Uranus at 29 degrees 32 minutes of Cancer (and which is also my 12th House ruler) as the base for one corner of the Yod, sextile my Mercury in Virgo, both of which quincunx my Chiron (wounded relationships) in Aquarius in the 6th House (health, work, service to others). With Chiron being the focal planet, it seems that my main purpose in this lifetime is to assist others – through my wounds – to come to terms with and release their own. As the astrologer/musician, Martin Lass, says of the lessons Chiron teaches: “The gift is in the wound.” And so it seems, it certainly is. Especially for me.

Knowing this, however was one thing; really feeling, learning and growing from it was something totally different and which has required a whole new visual aide besides the rose colored glasses through which I’d chosen to view the world and my life.

Once the filters came off – once I ceased living in denial about what had happened to me and stopped stuffing all my feelings down inside to the point that they were festering and bursting at the proverbial seams to get out – the anger that had been simmering for so long and occasionally made its way to the surface when interacting with such innocents as my 2nd ex-husband – came out full force. I was angry at the world, but more specifically, at the individuals who had hurt and betrayed me.

These were not minor wounds, mind you. It wasn’t just a matter of ‘sucking it up,’ ‘living with it,’ and ‘getting over it.’ I couldn’t. PTSD does that to you. Had the wounds been minor, I would have been more than happy to let them slide, to forget about them altogether, which I’ve done with many other things throughout my life. But after being sexually abused by five different men by the time I was 18, physically abused and tortured by two of those men and other too-difficult-to-relate occurrences, I couldn’t let go of what had happened. I couldn’t forgive. In fact, once I finally acknowledged that I was not Superwoman, as I’d believed myself to be (and tried to prove every day, in everything I did), I nearly lost touch with reality. And my 2nd ex-husband, my oldest daughter, and others suffered for it.

Yet, regardless of my realizations, it took me nearly 32 years to finally admit that I really needed help in alleviating the pain and anger, and learning to let go of the past.

Even still, after eight years of therapy, although I had made some headway, I continued to feel as though I wasn’t any closer to understanding why things had happened as they did, nor could I let go of the anger I felt towards those individuals whom I believed were the cause of my seemingly forcefully altered life course.

Yet, instinctively I knew, that if I were to be free of the anger and pain, to finally reach the state of peace that had eluded me for so long, I had to make a concerted effort to forgive those whom I believed were responsible for my pain, and – at a deep Soul level – integrate what I knew and what I had continued to learn in order to finally put to rest the demons that had continued to haunt me.

Yet, I still wasn’t quite clear on exactly what I needed to do to accomplish that.

Then somewhere along the way I learned about reincarnation.

‘Sacred Contracts’

Carolyn Myss, who wrote Sacred Contracts, Awakening Your Divine Potential, may have ‘coined’ the term, but not necessarily the idea. Through my mother and other sources, I was familiar with this concept many years before Ms. Myss’s book came out, though I hadn’t formulated a cohesive theory, as such, until the book brought several things together for me.

What I had determined from my own experiences and extensive research into this and many other related subjects, is that this isn’t the only life our Soul lives, nor is this the only planet on which, or the only dimension in which we experience life. As Souls who are intrinsically one with the Divine Source, yet who have been sent forth to experience consciousness in various forms, we each continue to learn those lessons that will eventually (hopefully sooner than later) return us to that state of enlightenment or Divine Bliss from which we began.

I also believe that In Between lives we write out our script for the next life, based on the lessons we feel we either need to learn, or relearn, and enlist members of our Soul Family (and possibly some members of other Soul Families) in assisting us in learning a specific lesson by coming into our lives at a certain point to facilitate that lesson.

Additionally, I believe that we choose the exact time of our entrance into this world (our astrological natal chart), so that we are born with just the right personality traits which will also help us to learn those lessons.

This was great stuff, I decided, but…what next? How did I apply this newly realized knowledge in my own case, or for that matter – and more importantly – how could I utilize this information in such a way as to stop feeling the pain and anger and the projected blame that had been such a large part of my life?

“Radical Self-Forgiveness”

Eventually I managed to let go of the blame and anger towards those who had hurt and betrayed me. Yet, knowing that I had drawn up a Sacred Contract with everyone who has ever influenced my life in any way, didn’t seem to be enough to assist me in letting go of the pain.

Because it was not quite so easy to stop being angry towards and blaming myself for what I had done to my 2nd ex-husband, my daughter and others, it was then that I realized that the pain came from inside me. It was self-inflicted.

As the saying goes, “When the student is ready, the Teacher will appear,” it was about this time that I came across a book entitled: “Radical Forgiveness,” by Colin C. Tipping. According to Tipping (who also believes in reincarnation), “This book will change your life.” And I have to admit, it certainly did. (Go to Kat’s Book Nook Reviews for my review of this book.)

What I had come to realize is that, along with the probability that we draw up contracts with other Souls to experience various lessons in each incarnation, when it comes to situations which cause us pain, there really is nothing to forgive. That is, because other Souls are merely doing what we’ve scripted with them to do, those acts which we believed were perpetrated against us, in actuality, were events that we scripted for ourselves!

Yes, truly ‘radical,’ and yet it made far more sense than so much of the blather organized religion, philosophy and even secularism has attempted to cram down our throats for so many thousands of years. Additionally, it fit in quite snugly with what I saw in my astrological chart.

The fact is, even though I still feel sad over the pain others have experienced because of my actions, I have finally been able to forgive myself, because I firmly believe that they, too, drew up their contracts with me for their own set of experiences.

This knowledge hasn’t necessarily made it easier for me to accept that I’ve harmed others, but at least it’s allowed me to understand why things have happened as they have and to finally put the past in the past and move on with my life…without all the pain, anger and self-recrimination that dwelling on events that are in the past, ultimately brings.


Why, you might ask, am I being so open about all this? Because that is what I came into this life to do as can be seen from my natal astrological chart: to help others understand their wounds by exposing my own, and to show how I’ve been able to alchemize or transform those wounds into positive experiences. To understand that the pain we’ve experienced – and which we’ve caused others – was created as an object lesson to assist towards our goal of perfection and Divine Bliss with a Higher Intelligence, the All That Is, the Great Spirit….

Namaste and Much Love,

Kat Starwolf

Copyright © 2007 Kat Starwolf All Rights Reserved

Kat Starwolf is a practicing relationship and empathic counseling astrologer, researcher, metaphysician and avid reader of anything pertaining to human inter-relatedness, emotions, sexuality, sociology and psychology. She is also currently working on her degree in counseling psychology. She may be contacted at 400 Capital Circle SE, Suite 18-255, Tallahassee, Florida 32301, by phone at 850-980-0250 or via her website .

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Is The Truth Really Out There?

The following is an extremely delicate subject, even for those of you who believe in astrology and metaphysics. Fair warning: your perception of reality is about to undergo a shift.

It is my thesis that flying saucers are real and that they are space ships from another solar system. There is no doubt in my mind that these objects are interplanetary craft of some sort. I and my colleagues are confident that they do not originate in our solar system. ~ Physicist, Hermann Julius Oberth, PhD (1894-1989; The father of modern rocketry) Other quotes from famous personages in regard to UFOs

UFOs. Extraterrestrials. Many think that those who are part of the ‘aliens-are-out-there’ culture, must have a few screws loose. But do we really? Well, ok, so maybe I’m not a good example. But there are many other very credible individuals who believe, as well, because they’ve seen something with their own eyes. In fact, collective groups of credible people, some of whom are ex-presidents, have witnessed UFOs. Is it all mass hallucination? Are we all crazy?

I’ve always found it difficult to believe in what I was taught regarding humanity being the Crown of Creation. In my estimation, it’s impossible that we’re the only complex, intelligent life in this multiverse. Let’s be logical: how could we be the only complex life? Why would we be, considering the age of the visible universe and its potential to exponentially replicate, seemingly even far past 186,000 miles per second – the speed of light (which is theoretically impossible)? Hasn’t there been more than enough time for complex life to have evolved in other parts of the universe as well? And the universe is still expanding.

How many more billions of planets, suns, solar systems and galaxies have we detected even since Hubble lent his name to the massive space telescope in 1990, than we knew about during the pre-historic and neo-historic age of astronomy? It seems to me that the opportunity for finding complex life in other parts of the solar system, not to mention the rest of the universe, is staring us in the collective face.

And yet, for whatever reason, many still cling to their archaic belief in a human-centered view of the cosmos. There’s absolutely no way, in their estimation, that life exists which is more intelligent than humans or who just might be out there watching as this nursery of toddlers finally makes its way out of the planetary crib.

Why are we so stuck on believing that we’re the only ones here, the only intelligent life in existence?

This seems to me to be the epitome of arrogance and selfishness; the last desperate act of children who are unwilling to share their part of the playground with the outsider.

Ironically, the majority of these same individuals who refuse to believe that we might not be alone, are the same ones who haven’t thought about the fact that God – if he does exist – is technically an extraterrestrial.

And what is science now saying about this phenomenon? Could it truly be possible that...we are not alone?

Is there Life Out There? Almost Definitely Say UK Scientists

Intelligent extra-terrestrials almost certainly exist on distant planets beyond our solar system, leading British astronomers told the government yesterday.

The scientists expect that the first evidence of primitive alien life, such as microbes and vegetation, will emerge within 10 years, with more substantial finds following future space missions. Read More Here

More Proof that 1947 Roswell Aliens were Real?

Top 10 Unexplained Phenomena

Science has the power to harness energy, allow human flight, help cure the sick, and explain much about the world. But as amazing and beneficial as science is, it cannot explain everything. Scientists may never know exactly how the universe began, or help to settle matters of faith. The same is true for the paranormal world. Though science can explain many strange phenomena, some mysteries remain to be solved--often because there is simply not enough information to reach a definitive conclusion. Some of these phenomena may one day be fully understood, as many things that were once mysterious or unexplained (such as the causes of disease) are now common knowledge. --Benjamin Radford Read More Here

Bonus: Heart of Space video, approximately 4 minutes

Monday, May 14, 2007

Boxed In: Learning to Think Outside the Box

Belief in reincarnation tied to memory errors?” Please!

It never fails to amaze me that in order to validate what they believe, debunkers of any given idea or philosophy either parrot what they’ve been told by someone else, or look to (generally) ‘one’ study that claims that some belief is not valid, merely because they do not wish the belief to be valid. (Why they don’t wish it to be valid, is another story.) However, even when there has been more than ‘one’ study conducted on a subject, how are we to know whether or not – in fact – the studies, themselves, are valid?

I’ve tried, but I fail to see how in the world anyone can determine that a ‘belief in reincarnation’ is ‘tied to memory errors.’ Even if one does believe in reincarnation, how is it even remotely possible to claim that any errors that person might make are tied to a belief in reincarnation?

Based on the ‘one study’ which used a control group and an experimental group (as most scientific or ‘empiric’ studies do) to gather the required data, the experimental groups’ “tendency was to wrongly identify as famous the non-famous names they had seen in the first task.”

And this is the basis of the entire claim that those who believe in reincarnation are prone to having memory errors?

Let’s look at this more closely:

It’s not uncommon for publishers of these so-called studies to count on the probability that their readers are not aware of the empirical guidelines which scientists are required to follow. And yet, in a majority of the studies cited, rarely do any of the publishers provide background information, such as how many individuals were in either the control or experimental groups or any other identifying factors, such as exactly why (as in this case) participants who believe in reincarnation might, in fact, have recognized someone as being famous when they allegedly were/are not.

As with so many sensationalist rag-mags, the results of the study could very easily have been taken out of context, or pertinent information left out in order to ‘validate’ the pre-conceived beliefs of those conducting the study. It wouldn’t be the first time fraudulent results were published in order to obtain funding or to debunk currently prevailing beliefs, as is shown in this November 29, 2006 LA Times article, Raising Sciences Bar Against Fraud .

How do the researchers know that the individuals identified as being famous actually weren’t? Remember: at one time it was believed that the cities cited in the Bible were non-existent, that the ‘stories’ were just parables or myths, and that the ‘famous’ people with whom most of us are familiar, such as Abraham, Ramses and Kings David and Solomon (to name a very few) were merely a product of some over-zealous writer's imagination. And yet over the last century archaeologists have unearthed a multitude of proof indicating that the majority of these famous individuals did exist.

And what about the ancient city of Troy? Archaeologist, Heinrich Schliemann, was laughed at when he insisted that the Greek poet, Homer (circa 900/800 BCE - ?), author of the Illiad and The Odyssey, was speaking literally when he wrote of the Trojan War, which Homer claims took place in the early 12th Century BCE. Yet, Schliemann was vindicated when Troy was first unearthed in approximately 1870.

Some, of course, still claim that the Bible is only a myth (and thus, all those whom it cites), and that Heinrich Schliemann was a pathological liar and a sociopath. Which opens up a whole ‘nother line of questions such as whether we’ve been manipulated into believing a world history that is patently false. But, again, that is another story.

The point is, those who don’t believe in reincarnation aren’t likely to recognize someone as famous who isn’t, because chances are, they merely don’t recognize that individual at all. If one doesn’t believe in reincarnation and isn’t prone to meditate or to access their past life memories in some other way, in my opinion, they flat out will not recognize a given name that is not famous, period. This, however, doesn’t mean that they don’t have memory errors just like the rest of us, or that those who do recognize as famous, those names that are not generally accepted as famous, are experiencing memory errors.

And the statement that people who believe in reincarnation are more likely to convince themselves of things that aren’t true because they believe in reincarnation? I’m sorry, this is such a crock it doesn’t even rate an LOL. WE ALL have the tendency to convince ourselves of things that aren’t true. A belief in reincarnation is not the criteria by which to determine that tendency; there are many more out there from which to choose.

False memory syndrome is also referenced. Just as with UFOs and alien abduction, it seems to me that the debunkers are becoming desperate because the memories which many of those same debunkers claim were false (as with individuals who have been sexually abused or abducted by aliens or MILAB) are being validated and corroborated more and more each day.

Then we’re told that the reason we convert these ‘false’ memories into full blown memories is because we “can’t distinguish between things that have really happened and things that have been suggested to” us. Again, I can’t help asking: why is this tendency restricted to those who believe in reincarnation or those who have been sexually abused or abducted, when many who don’t believe in these things do the same on a regular basis?

The most laughable postulation in this article is that “people with implausible memories are also more likely to be depressed and to experience sleep problems, and this could also make them more prone to memory mistakes. While there’s no denying that being depressed and/or unable to sleep can certainly cause various problems, being either could just as easily cause anyone to have memory problems, if that were the case; not just those who believe in reincarnation.

As for the depression and insomnia or sleep problems, if you were sexually abused or abducted – either by aliens or our own government – wouldn’t you tend to be depressed or have trouble sleeping, especially if you knew that something horrific happened and you had memories that you should not otherwise have?

And what about all the studies proving reincarnation? Granted, the majority of these are case studies, which aren’t generally accepted as proof. Yet, what about the numerous children who have been born recounting events of a recently previous life and recounting details and incidents which they could hardly know and that were, subsequently validated, such as that of 6 year old (as of 2004) James Leininger?

The late Dr. Ian Stevenson, one of the leading authorities on reincarnation and author of numerous books on the subject, conducted quite a few studies with some surprising findings. Yet Stevenson isn’t the only scientist to believe in reincarnation.

Finally, we’re told that our ‘imaginative’ minds are the problem. It’s difficult to tell here if they’re implying that we’re liars, or that we’re so creative we tend to just make this stuff up.

The lesson here is: we must think outside the proverbial box. Just because a Harvard professor or someone with a degree or a slue of initials behind their name or who belongs to a mega-corporation or a governmental agency states that something is true, doesn’t necessarily make it so. Even yet, scientists, themselves, are admitting that 'Science cannot provide all the answers'.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Astrology and the Affects of a Twelfth House Stellium*

Living in the Past
The Epitome of a 12th House Dream

Letting go of the past has not been easy for me. I was born looking back…
When the planets fell in the house of sorrow, dreams and long ago memories.
In a sky full of tempests and thunder I awakened early to receive more than my share. The Dark Moon portended heartache which I have yet to outdistance.

Ancient memories sustain me through the long, terrible nights of loneliness;
a sentence I have inflicted upon myself for the crime of caring far too much.

My prison is knowing that I may never change.

The madness of a moment lost in time forever haunts me with its cold, cloying fingers; wrapping around my heart, choking my Soul, draining me of life and breath and hope.

The demons stalk me in nightmares of pain; torturing me mercilessly with their laughter at my ineptness, my inability to pull myself out of the mire of hopeless desires.

I struggle to awaken from this endless night of torment. Conflicted, I reach out for love, for understanding, only to be abandoned yet again...

© 2007 Kat Starwolf All Rights Reserved
Such are the dreams of a 12th House native
Recently I read and wrote a review on the book, The Law of Attraction, by Esther and Jerry Hicks. Over the last two years in particular, I’ve been extremely (Pluto in Leo) drawn to self-help and motivational material, not just to review, but for my own benefit. Because of issues from my past (12th House) I’ve wanted to really get to know myself in order to clear out quite a few undesirable (in my opinion) traits, as well as learn to deal with my heavily Neptunian 12th House nature.

In fact, the primary reason I became interested in astrology so many years ago, was because I wasn’t receiving any satisfactory answers from mainstream religion, psychology or philosophy in regard to why my life had been so difficult.

No, I’m not whining about the lot that I’ve been ‘dealt.’ However, because my Mercury is in Virgo, I am one of those people who analyzes everything every which way to Sunday and back. I have to KNOW. I have to understand WHY things are the way they are. Additionally, I’m a FIXER; I need to know if there’s a way to FIX whatever is wrong; to understand what I can do to resolve problems/issues. Of course, I also need to know if there’s no hope of fixing a situation so that I waste as little time as possible on it and, instead, focus on something that stands a chance of resolution.

I’ve learned a lot about life and the people who’ve wended their way through mine over the last 51 years; though I, by no means, know everything. I may have had some rough times, but I sincerely feel that we’re here to learn; and learn, I intend. And because I see the proverbial glass as half full, rather than half empty, I’ve chosen to see the 12th House influence in my chart and in my life as a means for opportunities for growth.

Astrology has afforded me that opportunity. I can look at a chart – whether the chart is for an individual, a company, a situation, a country or a specific event – and I can pretty much tell WHY things are the way they are and what can be done to resolve challenging issues. Actually, any astrologer worth his or her salt can do the same, so I’m not unique in that regard.

Before I go any further let me admit that I am a Leo; a septuple Leo if you will. (Yes, I know: uh oh.) And Leos are known for their bombastic, narcissistic, egotistical, look-at-me, in-your-face personalities. One would think that with six planets (Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Pluto) plus my ascendant in Leo, that I wouldn’t have any problems being motivated even if my Saturn and Midheaven are both square to them all. However, five of those planets, plus my Uranus (in Cancer) are also in the 12th House and have caused me no little consternation in making headway in many areas over the last 30 years.

For all of you astrologers out there, you KNOW what this can mean. For those of you who aren’t astrologers or aren’t quite as familiar with the significance of these placements, the 12th House can be an extremely difficult house in which to have so many planets. And, on top of all that, my renegade, er, excuse me, retrograde Chiron is in Aquarius in the 6th House – opposite all those planets in Leo in the 12th. Whew! Has it been a bumpy ride so far! With such a prominent 12th House influence and lots of squares and oppositions in my chart, much of the air was let out of my sails before I even had a chance to sail my ship!

So, what does all this 12th House stuff mean? And why am I talking about it?

First, the 12th House is known to represent the past, hospitals, prison, the un-/sub- and supra-conscious, occult matters, psychic abilities (along with the 8th House), dreams, secrets (also along with the 8th House), repressed and innate talents, mental health and even depression among other things. It is also referred to as the House of Sorrows and the House of Self-Undoing. In short, the 12th House can be a very scary and lonely place to be if one is not inclined to want to be alone or afraid.

Sure, I could have given up and given in to all the demons. But I finally realized after trying so diligently to leave this plane and not quite being successful at doing so, that there was a reason that I was here. Just as there’s a reason each and every one of us is here. And I knew I needed to find out what – for me – that reason was.

You Can Do It!

The point of this seemingly self-aggrandizing (ok, so maybe it is self-aggrandizing :-) ) treatise, is to show what can be done if we set our minds to it, regardless of what our astrological natal charts look like, and regardless of what ‘sign’ our Sun falls in.

Although it’s true that the fire signs are fairly invincible, the fact is that all of the other signs are more than capable of doing much the same in the way of pushing to get where they need and wish to go. They just do it in a slightly different way.

Books such as The Law of Attraction, The Secret, Sacred Contracts and anything by Drs. Deepak Chopra, Caroline Myss, Wayne Dyer and others, inspire us to make the most out of the lives we’ve been given.

Regardless of whether you have a Twelfth House stellium or anything similiar, instead of blaming others for what you lack or the lot you’ve been given, it’s up to you to change things if you don’t like where you’re headed, instead of whining about why it happened or is happening.

Think positively. Like really does attract like. See the glass as not just half full, but FULL. Aim for the stars.

Before you realize it you’ll not only find that you can do it, but that you’ve done it.

Namaste and Many Blessings,
Kat Starwolf

Stellium: 3 or more planets in the same sign or house

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Are Our Foods Being Genetically Modified?

April 25, 2007

According to a recent CNN article, after all the pet deaths from contaminated pet foods, the FDA has decided to test imported human foods to determine if any of the alleged death-causing ingredients found in our animal friends’ foods are also being used in our foods.

One can’t help but wonder if the FDA – after ignoring the affects of so many other death-inducing drugs, foods, substances, etc. – is finally beginning to realize that with all the furor raised by a pet-loving populace over the deaths of our pets, that maybe it would be in their best interest (if not ours!) to actually TEST these substances before releasing them onto an unsuspecting public, whether human or otherwise.

What’s asinine is that the FDA is focusing on foreign food suppliers, when the majority of the problem with glutens, additives and other chemical and non-organic ingredients is found, mainly, with domestic food manufacturers here in the US.

I know for a fact that many – both animals and humans – are allergic to the glutens and additives found in processed and chemically altered foods. I know this for a fact because I’ve been conducting research on this subject for years because I, myself, am extremely allergic to anything that is not organic. And, it seems, so is our family dog, whom my sister has recently changed to an all-organic food regimen because he, too, was possibly experiencing side-effects from the commercial pet foods which contain glutens and chemical additives.

I am also aware of the numerous studies conducted on individuals with food allergies. The reactions listed as those experienced by animals, are – for the most part – the same reactions I and others have experienced, possibly even down to kidney problems.

In my own case (and, actually, that of many others), when I eat anything that’s processed and/or has gluten, chemicals or is genetically engineered or genetically modified, I become extremely ill. Several-days-worth of headaches, nasal and lung congestion, nausea, itchy rashes, lethargy, weight gain/weight loss, kidney problems, etc., are not uncommon after eating any of the above tainted foods.

Many (including me) also believe that it’s very possible that these substances may contribute to the development of, not only minor disorders such as candida, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, etc., but to more life-threatening diseases such as Systemic Lupus (with which I was diagnosed in 1985) and cancer. This is not surprising, considering that many of the chemical additives are known carcinogens, as are the pesticides that are used on the grain, fruit and vegetable crops, and which we ingest.

I strongly suspect that (especially) our domestic food supply is being contaminated by genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Several years ago a well-known mega-corporation whose name appears on many of our foodstuffs, sent out a survey to determine whether consumers would be willing to try GMOs. The overwhelming response was: ABSOLUTELY NOT. But, did they acquiesce to the public? Going by the current physical reaction to most processed foods – including theirs – I would have to say not.

I would like to strongly urge you to go to the website of Jeffrey M. Smith, the author of Seeds of Deception and Genetic Roulette and listen to the free 1 hour lecture on this subject. I promise you, if it doesn’t cause you to completely change your diet, it will surely at least cause you to question what is REALLY in our food supply.

Many Blessings,

Kat Starwolf

Additional information on GMOs can be found at:

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Who Will Cry For Our Children? Part 2

Many of you may or may not be familiar with David Icke, the former British soccer player turned investigative journalist who has written numerous books regarding the political players on the world scene and their role in the destruction of society as we know it. It's true that Icke is certainly controversial (and who of those individuals who writes of these issues ISN'T controversial and considered a conspiracy theorist?); however, he's in good company. Jim Marrs, Peter Lavenda, William Henry, Whitley Strieber, and many, many others are writing and talking about these issues. Government whistle blowers such as Dr. Michael Wolf, Phil Schnieder, Bob Lazar, David Adair, et al, are defying their top secret security clearances to get this information out to the public, oftentimes at the expense of their own lives.

And this includes those who don't have top secret clearances such as Charlotte Thompson who's written an expose on the government and its part in the Deliberate Dumbing Down of America. These are only a handful of 'conspiracy theorists.' Individuals who have worked for our government who have learned the truth behind many of the programs that keep us 'barefoot and pregnant' and in the kitchen.

What Are The 'Conspiracy Theorists' Telling Us?

They're telling us that UFOs and extraterrestrials, DO in fact, exist. They're telling us that the government has, in fact been lying to us regarding who was actually behind 9/11; David Koresh and the Branch Davidians massacre in Waco, TX; the Oklahoma City bombings and the original World Trade Center bombings. They're telling us that the government has a plan to save its own ass while assisting the aliens to obtain whatever it is that they're seeking at the expense of the lives of the majority of humanity.

They're telling us about how dangerous genetically modified and processed foods are. They're telling us that the FDA is a government‑run front and is not in business to protect us from greedy pharmaceutical companies whose ultimate aim is not, in fact, as many would lead us to believe, to take our money, but who are actually covertly utilizing eugenics at the direction of the REAL Powers That Be.

They're telling us how bad marijuana is for us, when numerous studies have shown otherwise, while they continue to push alcohol, tobacco and pharmaceutical drugs, when even more studies show how much more dangerous they all are, but the government seems to turn a blind eye to not only the studies, but numerous reports of deaths from both. They're telling us about how our own CIA is behind the drug culture here in the US, and blaming it on any and everyone but themselves.

They're telling us about the spraying of our skies with deadly chemicals that result in massive chemtrails that cause sickness, and possibly, in many cases, death. They're telling us about the truth behind what vaccines really do to our bodies and about the so‑called epidemics such as AIDS, SARS, the Avian Flu and numerous other fatal diseases which are spread in pandemic proportions.

They're telling us about H.A.A.R.P. and weather modification (Katrina, Ophelia, etc.) and the real purpose behind the big corporations merging to form unbreakable companies that monopolize the telecommunications and other industries with a clear agenda up their collective sleeves.

They're telling us about the real purpose of GPS or global positioning systems and cell phones (great tracking devices) and RFID (radio frequency identification) chips that will assist with that tracking, and which we're told will soon be mandatory as under‑the‑skin implantation devices on all human beings.

They're even telling us about the thousands and thousands of shackle‑equipped railroad cars that have been specially ordered by the US government in preparation of a mass gathering of any whom they believe to be dissidents or 'enemies of the state.'

What about the farce of Homeland Security? The aftermath/disaster of Katrina and the city of New Orleans and its dead and displaced population? Marshal Law? Concentration camps here in our own back yard? What role does FEMA really play in the scheme of things?

Is all of this a coincidence? Or merely our imagination?

Yes, it's true that the Internet has helped to expedite what many believe to be merely rumors that fuel the flames of falsehood. But on the other hand, it has also helped to just as quickly get the word out to the rest of the world regarding what is really happening in any given location around the globe. In fact, it's fairly common knowledge now that the US media is doing nothing more, for the most part, than covering up what is really going on, not only in America, but throughout the rest of the world. What is really happening in Iraq? Are the Iraqi people truly the enemy?

And now governments want to clamp down on our communication with each other over the Internet. It's time to wake up, friends, unite and show them that we are NOT sheeple, that we will not tolerate their treatment of us. If we don't do so, who, indeed, will cry for our children?

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