Saturday, April 14, 2007

Who Will Cry For Our Children? Part 2

Many of you may or may not be familiar with David Icke, the former British soccer player turned investigative journalist who has written numerous books regarding the political players on the world scene and their role in the destruction of society as we know it. It's true that Icke is certainly controversial (and who of those individuals who writes of these issues ISN'T controversial and considered a conspiracy theorist?); however, he's in good company. Jim Marrs, Peter Lavenda, William Henry, Whitley Strieber, and many, many others are writing and talking about these issues. Government whistle blowers such as Dr. Michael Wolf, Phil Schnieder, Bob Lazar, David Adair, et al, are defying their top secret security clearances to get this information out to the public, oftentimes at the expense of their own lives.

And this includes those who don't have top secret clearances such as Charlotte Thompson who's written an expose on the government and its part in the Deliberate Dumbing Down of America. These are only a handful of 'conspiracy theorists.' Individuals who have worked for our government who have learned the truth behind many of the programs that keep us 'barefoot and pregnant' and in the kitchen.

What Are The 'Conspiracy Theorists' Telling Us?

They're telling us that UFOs and extraterrestrials, DO in fact, exist. They're telling us that the government has, in fact been lying to us regarding who was actually behind 9/11; David Koresh and the Branch Davidians massacre in Waco, TX; the Oklahoma City bombings and the original World Trade Center bombings. They're telling us that the government has a plan to save its own ass while assisting the aliens to obtain whatever it is that they're seeking at the expense of the lives of the majority of humanity.

They're telling us about how dangerous genetically modified and processed foods are. They're telling us that the FDA is a government‑run front and is not in business to protect us from greedy pharmaceutical companies whose ultimate aim is not, in fact, as many would lead us to believe, to take our money, but who are actually covertly utilizing eugenics at the direction of the REAL Powers That Be.

They're telling us how bad marijuana is for us, when numerous studies have shown otherwise, while they continue to push alcohol, tobacco and pharmaceutical drugs, when even more studies show how much more dangerous they all are, but the government seems to turn a blind eye to not only the studies, but numerous reports of deaths from both. They're telling us about how our own CIA is behind the drug culture here in the US, and blaming it on any and everyone but themselves.

They're telling us about the spraying of our skies with deadly chemicals that result in massive chemtrails that cause sickness, and possibly, in many cases, death. They're telling us about the truth behind what vaccines really do to our bodies and about the so‑called epidemics such as AIDS, SARS, the Avian Flu and numerous other fatal diseases which are spread in pandemic proportions.

They're telling us about H.A.A.R.P. and weather modification (Katrina, Ophelia, etc.) and the real purpose behind the big corporations merging to form unbreakable companies that monopolize the telecommunications and other industries with a clear agenda up their collective sleeves.

They're telling us about the real purpose of GPS or global positioning systems and cell phones (great tracking devices) and RFID (radio frequency identification) chips that will assist with that tracking, and which we're told will soon be mandatory as under‑the‑skin implantation devices on all human beings.

They're even telling us about the thousands and thousands of shackle‑equipped railroad cars that have been specially ordered by the US government in preparation of a mass gathering of any whom they believe to be dissidents or 'enemies of the state.'

What about the farce of Homeland Security? The aftermath/disaster of Katrina and the city of New Orleans and its dead and displaced population? Marshal Law? Concentration camps here in our own back yard? What role does FEMA really play in the scheme of things?

Is all of this a coincidence? Or merely our imagination?

Yes, it's true that the Internet has helped to expedite what many believe to be merely rumors that fuel the flames of falsehood. But on the other hand, it has also helped to just as quickly get the word out to the rest of the world regarding what is really happening in any given location around the globe. In fact, it's fairly common knowledge now that the US media is doing nothing more, for the most part, than covering up what is really going on, not only in America, but throughout the rest of the world. What is really happening in Iraq? Are the Iraqi people truly the enemy?

And now governments want to clamp down on our communication with each other over the Internet. It's time to wake up, friends, unite and show them that we are NOT sheeple, that we will not tolerate their treatment of us. If we don't do so, who, indeed, will cry for our children?

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