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Who Will Cry For Our Children? Part 1

Not a night passes, lately, when I don't cry myself to sleep worrying about what's going to happen to this world, what kind of legacy we've passed on to our children, and whether or not there's any way to reverse the damage.

Certainly we can talk of the destruction of the Rain Forest, pollution, global warming, the extinction of numerous species of life, the homeless, Gay Rights, and in fact HUMAN rights, child abuse and many other extremely important issues needing resolution. But the sad state of this world goes much farther than even that.

Unbeknownst to the majority of slumbering Americans and, truthfully, to the citizens of the world, a Silent War is being waged against the masses by a group of powerful individuals who have determined that those same masses are nothing more than greedy, barbaric, war‑mongering Neanderthals who don't deserve to breathe the same air. They have set themselves up as judge, jury and executioner, and we, for the most part, have been none the wiser.

They plot their way towards our ultimate demise, never once considering why their conscience isn't superceding their intentions. We go about our daily lives in shadow, oblivious to the insidious realities that lurk around every corner, behind every closed door, not knowing the truth behind the smiling fa├žade of a stranger's face. Or even a loved one's, for that matter. Do we really know each other? Do we truly even know ourselves?

I've been an avid reader and researcher for nearly 40 of my - as of 2007 - 51 years. I have a wide range of interests that include both mainstream and what might be considered esoteric. Some, however, consider many of my interests to be more than esoteric: they consider them quite odd or off...even...crazy. Simply because so much of sleeping mankind doesn't believe that some of the things I and many others have seen with our own eyes could actually happen or that they even exist.

What is Reality?

I would like to remind those individuals who continue to look askance at these so‑called 'odd beliefs,' that 150 years ago the idea of communicating with someone 6 miles away, much less 6,000 miles away in an instant was believed to be impossible. And yet that didn't stop Bell who invented the telephone. Nor did the belief that man would never advance past horses or the locomotive for transportation stop Henry Ford from inventing the automobile, nor did the fact that man couldn't fly stop the Wright Brothers from inventing the first flyable airplane.

Eventually, however, these inventions were all accepted as part of man's logical/technological advancement since they became such an integral part of our everyday lives...after they were all poo‑pooed as being utterly, absolutely IMPOSSIBLE.

What about ghosts/spirits, UFOs and other metaphysical subjects? Are ghosts, for instance, merely a figment of our imagination? While some contend and even insist that ghosts are all in the mind, reputed scientists have been known to concede that maybe, just maybe, there might be more to sightings of ghosts and spirits than was once believed.

Even now physicists like Brian Green, author of The Elegant Universe, Leonard Susskind and others who promote the String Theory, Super String Theory and the M Theory, believe that we may very well exist in multiple dimensions, one of which ghosts and the inhabitants of UFOs could very likely inhabit. Naturally there are many scientists who debunk this theory. But the number who do so is growing fewer and fewer every day with the continuing successful experimentation by such facilities as the FERMI labs here in the United States and CERN in Switzerland.

As for other seemingly esoteric or controversial beliefs, there are even many politicians who believe in astrology, that so‑called 'pseudo‑science' that is believed not to be accurate in any way, yet which so many scientists and other 'learned academicians' find to be unCANNILY accurate, though they might not admit it publicly. Not only have they believed in astrology, but they have used it to guide them through their political careers.

We all know Johannes Kepler and Issac Newton believed in astrology, and there is evidence to support the claim that Tyco Brahe, Galileo Galilei, and other astronomers were also interested in astrology or cast horoscopes on the side, although this is hotly debated, mainly by scientists...of course.

Makes one wonder why they're so against it, when the fact is, it's far more accurate than they want to admit. Could it be that if enough 'eggheads' and others of seemingly prominent importance dis it, that we'll be convinced that it's not only NOT accurate, but there's no way our fearsome leaders could put much stock in it?

Interesting quandary. After all, the Christian Bible tells us that God abhors astrologers. What they don't bother to give you is the identity of that 'God' referred to in the Bible, nor just WHY this god doesn't want his followers to use it. Could it be that utilizing astrology could help one to understand and plan their life in a more useful and organized way and not have to rely so much, not only on governments (which virtually allows them to control the masses), but on this so‑called 'god' of the Bible who himself uses it to plan military strategies against mankind?

What about UFOs? Of course there are many who, again, believe that there is NO way that UFOs could exist. Ever wonder how they can be so sure, when there are so many things in our vast Universe of which we are still unaware? According to The UFO Phenomenon ‑‑ Seeing Is Believing, an ABC News Primetime Live segment airing on February 25, 2005:

"Almost 50 percent of Americans, according to recent polls, and millions of people elsewhere in the world believe that UFOs are real. For many it is a deeply held belief.
For decades there have been sightings of UFOs by millions and millions of people. It is a mystery that only science can solve, and yet the phenomenon remains largely unexamined. Most of the reporting on this subject by the mainstream media holds those who claim to have seen UFOs up to ridicule." [my italics]

And why does this phenomenon remain largely unexamined? Isn't the word of millions and millions of individuals who have witnessed either UFOs or been abducted good enough? Or is there some other reason that we're being ignored and the field and any and all reports being systematically debunked?

There are even numerous famous individuals, including presidents who believe that UFOs exist, and in fact have claimed to have seen them.

Although I am not famous, I am one of them.

Because of my beliefs I've been labeled a crackpot, a nut, a 'conspiracy theorist'; a Henny Penny running around crying 'Doom! Doom!'

But, sadly, this treatment of those of us who believe in UFOs is not confined to just me. Numerous others who have admitted to having seen UFOs or having been abducted by their occupants, have also been ridiculed. Why?

There may be at least two reasons, if not more: 1) The governments of the world have been instructed not to divulge the presence of these extraterrestrials because it would lead to world‑wide panic and chaos and/or 2) because the sheeple, those individuals who continue to function with their heads stuck in the sand (and other places) absolutely refuse (either because they would lose money, power and/or for other numerous reasons) to conceive of the possibility that we might not be alone in this vast universe, and that there might, after all, be life on other planets who might take an interest in the Earth and in our activities.

What, you might ask, do ghosts, UFOs and astrology have to do with my concern over the legacy which will be left to our children? Well, while I can't prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that these things do, in fact, exist, there is mounting evidence that their existence is more of a reality than our scientists are willing to admit.

Yet, these and other so‑called 'conspiracy theories' are swept under the neat little governmental rug and made to seem as though belief in them is the product of some addle‑pated conspiracy theorists who have nothing better to do with their time than concoct outlandish theories.

One of these 'conspiracy theories' is the real origin of 9/11. While this is an extremely sore point, especially amongst the nation's loyal patriots, the fact is that someone has been lying to us. Although I won't go into detail over why I believe that it was, indeed, a heinous plot planned and carried out by our own government who subsequently chose bin Laden as the most convenient scapegoat (not to say that there aren't terrorists out there, or that, possibly bin Laden isn't one of them), this act, in particular seems to be the catalyst that has begun the downhill spiral for this nation.

(Continued in Part 2)

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